Drone badge does not update and drone build last shows no rows

So I installed drone via docker and build a project on github the build was successful but the build badge still showed build as none. I tried drone build last command for the repo and it says:
client error 404: {“message”:“sql: no rows in result set”}

drone build info and ls do show successful builds but drone build last does not and the build badge never updates from none.
I’m using the latest images for drone server and runner from docker hub.

Am I missing some step to generate the build badge?
Also I’m using the trigger based on tag for the build to run.

The build badge shows the latest build for a push to the default branch (e.g. master). This does not include pull requests or tags. Please see the source code responsible for badges to learn more about its behavior. Please see the docs to learn how to specify an alternate branch.

The drone build last command exhibits the same behavior described above; it returns the latest build for a push to the default branch. You can review the API endpoint source code to learn more.