Drone and GitHub Merge Queue

I have been trying to use Drone’s GitHub integration to require a continuous-integration/drone/pr status check on a protected branch on my repository and it works normally. However, when I try to enable GitHub’s Merge Queue on the branch, I run into a snag. The pre-merge check works normally and is notified when the Drone build completes. GitHub then creates a temporary branch (with prefix gh-readonly-queue/{base_branch}) and this kicks off a Drone build as expected. This Drone build, however, will complete but not notify GitHub actions so the check will still be waiting despite the Drone build completing successfully. Has anyone else had success with Drone + Merge Queue or have any suggestions on getting the Drone notification to unblock the GitHub check on the temporary branch?

Hey hi,

Did you manage to fix the problem? I have the similar problem and encountered with your question. If you already fixed the problem, can you please share the solution?