Drone and gitea Create hook

I have some question with 1.0.0-rc.2 and gitea, the gitea server and drone server are not in the same machine.
I can send test hook to the Repositories from gitea that i can manage it.

But if I fork from another Repositories I will get this

Also, i’m the Collaborators with the Repositories, if i push a new commit UI will tell me

fatal: could not read Username for  No such device or address

last, if i want to add an service to my .drone.yml how do i add it in .drone.yml on 1.0.0.versions

mysql: mariadb

the first is that when i send the test becauce it drone.yml is still on the 0.8.x version so it can’t find the .yml.

but when i have a new commit and with new yml, is still get this error or drone ui

fatal: could not read Username for 'http://localhost:8080': No such device or address

This Repositories is the one that i fork. But Another the Repositories that I create. It can build on ui.

2018-12-11T02:27:41.803087988Z {"arch":"amd64","build":24,"level":"info","machine":"eecd549a20f2","msg":"runner: start execution","os":"linux","pipeline":"default","repo":"106062/test","stage":1,"time":"2018-12-11T02:27:41Z"}
2018-12-11T02:27:49.793316226Z {"arch":"amd64","build":24,"error":"clone : exit code 128","level":"info","machine":"eecd549a20f2","msg":"runner: execution failed","os":"linux","pipeline":"default","repo":"106062/test","stage":1,"time":"2018-12-11T02:27:49Z"}

I’m using dorne1.0.0-rc.2 image and gitea
I Create two new repositories, One with repository private and another not.
When i commit
the another one get when it clone

fatal: could not read Username for 'http://mygitea': No such device or address

But,the private one is done.

Are you running gitea in private mode, meaning you need a username and password to clone a public repository? If yes, see the DRONE_GIT_ALWAYS_AUTH environment variable.

Yes i set with


Is that meaning i need to add username and password in secrects or yml ?

well it sounds like you need DRONE_GIT_ALWAYS_AUTH=true?