Drone agent port?

In many documentation out there, there is references to Drone agent 3000 port.

However, I am not able to make it work. Does it still exist ?

According to these links:

There is no references to binding port anymore …

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Interested in this as well. I have 3000 port already in use, so I changed it to 3011. I’m not sure if this works properly or drone main server start somehow it’s own runners or something.

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the runner ports referenced in the documentation are for the new runners, which are developed and maintained in separate repositories.

the drone/agent container is legacy and is being replaced with the new runners, and yes, we realize this is confusing but it will be less confusing when the transition is complete.

@ashwilliams1 I’m running drone/drone-runner-docker:1 and it seems to work without port mapping. Is it really needed? Does the runner tell the server the ip address to connect to? So if both are running as part of the same docker-compose project port mapping is not needed? And if possible, can you clarify what it’s used for?

the agent port is optional and is used for the runner dashboard