Drone agent filtering


I want to start two agents for my drone setup (0.8.6). One for one specific repository (very sloooooooow to build) and one for others repositories.

Is is possible to do that with 0.8.6 version ? I read about DRONE_FILTER but:

  • I didn’t find any example
  • I found an issue (2171) about a bug on DRONE_FILTER and it’s not clear (for me) if it’s fixed on 0.8.6 or not

Thank you for this excellent product



Yeah, had exactly the same problem :frowning: . It’s a pity that such a great feature is just silently lying there but only a handful of people actually know about it. Really appreciate all the hard work.

(btw I asked about it here: https://github.com/drone/drone/issues/2491)

Doing my best here: https://github.com/drone/docs/pull/365

great !!! many thanks !

I will try this. Can you just confirm that I can test it with 0.8.6 version ?


Does anyone know if filtering by image is possible? To limit an agent to a specified image.

Thanks !