Drone-admin-members can't find team

Hi, I am using the drone-admin-members admission plugin with a token that has org:read and user:read perms, but I get the following error without debug flag set:

level=fatal msg="cannot find team" error="Get https://api.github.com/orgs/redkubes/teams/admins: dial tcp connect: connection refused" org=redkubes team=admins                                              │
│ stream closed

after setting debug I get this error:

admission: invalid or missing signature in http.Request

Hello Morriz,

Could you please make sure that shared secret for this plugin is created as described here https://github.com/drone/drone-admit-members#installation and also make sure that you have updated your Drone server configuration to include the plugin address and the shared secret created earlier.

Once that’s done, follow the same doc above to test this and then confirm if this is still an issue.


In additional to checking your secret configuration, you should also look into your network configuration. The connect: connection refused is a low-level networking error from the Go standard library which indicates the client is unable to establish a network connection to the address, typically as a result of firewall or dns rules or problems with how you setup inter-container-communication. This error would indicate the http request is not even reaching the drone-admit-members extension.