Drone admin and Gitea integration

Hello everyone,

I’m confused with Drone admin login and Gitea integration. I have Drone which integrated with Gitea, both running over docker-containers. When I try to open Organization Secrets I got blank page. Browser console show me the error: http://***/api/secrets/myproject 401 Unauthorised. If I understand correctly it’s happened because I use not admin drone account. But, when I try to logout and click login button drone redirect me to Gitea and I do not know how to use Drone admin credentials.

My question is how to login under admin account inside Drone if I use Gitea integration.

My installation:

  • Drone 2.11
  • Gitea 1.16.5

Thank you so much for help and sorry for grammar mistakes.

You need to make your Gitea user and admin in Drone (there is no separate admin login, or admin credentials). See the “Create the Primary Admin” section at https://docs.drone.io/server/user/admin/

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