Drone 2 - Debug feature does not seem to do anything

If I remember correctly from the introduction video, the debug button is supposed to restart the build in debug mode, such that when it fails, you can press a button and drop into a shell on the container. However, currently the debug feature only seems to restart the build without offering any option to start a shell.

as explained here you need to set DRONE_TMATE_ENABLED to true and additionally it only works on steps with commands, not pure plugin steps ( maybe because those plugins have an entrypoint defined)

Hey! Thanks, that seems to have done something, albeit only this:

/bin/sh: /usr/drone/bin/tmate: not found

at the end of the console output where the step failed. Any ideas?

Make sure you are using a recent version of the drone-runner-docker too drone-runner-docker/CHANGELOG.md at master · drone-runners/drone-runner-docker · GitHub

It seems I’m using the latest version already. Does this feature require any setup other than the environment variable above? Because I haven’t done anything other than that. Also, the specific container this happened on is alpine:latest.

Never mind, I was being stupid and passed that env var to the main Drone container as opposed to the runner as clearly said in the post. Marking as solved.