Drone 2 - Debug feature discloses user IP addr

This isn’t really a bug, but still has negative impact so I marked it as one.

When debugging a failed build using tmate, the IP address of the person debugging is logged to the console and therefore, stays in build logs indefinitely. This is not ideal, so it may be better to redirect tmate’s output to /dev/null for instance.

A more general solution would be to allow for easily clearing certain/all build logs from the UI.

the tmate tool is outputting the IP address so from our perspective this should be fixed upstream in tmate. You can submit a tmate feature request at GitHub - tmate-io/tmate: Instant Terminal Sharing

The reason why I reported this here is because this is acceptable and not really a bug for tmate’s normal usecases, but because the build logs stick around, possibly publicly, this is an issue in this context. I could request a command line flag to disable IP address reporting, but in this case Drone would need to make use of it. Do you think that’s a suitable solution?