Drone 2.0 - Opening some build status pages leads to white screen

One of my builds fails to show the overall status page on the Drone 2.0 dashboard. Each individual build page shows up fine, including the settings, branches or deployments sections, but never the overview/summary page for that particular repo (others appear to work fine).

The error in the JS console is:

Update: I’ve made no changes except for triggering another build with a commit, but now the status page shows up fine all of a sudden.

In my case I had to downgrade from v2 back to v1:

* 10cec7b 2021-07-13 | Revert "Update Drone to 2.0.4 and Drone Docker Runner to 1.6.3" (HEAD -> master) [James Mills]
* d17a078 2021-07-13 | Update Drone to 2.0.4 and Drone Docker Runner to 1.6.3 (origin/master) [James Mills]