Drone 2.0 - Manually triggering build breaks user icon

I’ve enabled a repo and manually triggered a build in it straight after. However, the user icon of said build is missing, replaced by a cyan circle with an off-centre 0:

The username (0x1a8510f2) is correct, it’s just the icon that’s missing.

This also seems to apply when a build is triggered after other builds, not just straight after enabling a repo.

I am unable to reproduce this error with GitHub. If the avatar is not being displayed it means the API call to retrieve the branch from Gitea does not include the user avatar. If the avatar is not returned from Gitea, there is nothing to display in the user interface in Drone.

I see. So essentially, this is should be a Gitea bug as opposed to Drone?

As a workaround, do you think Drone could have/use a default avatar there in case fetching from the git host fails?