Drone 2.0 error "Cannot read property Number" when promoting build


after the upgrade to drone 2.0 when promoting a build we are getting the following error:

Promoting the build:

Error pop up:

Jip, encountered the same. The build does start anyways, it’s just the popup message.

exactly, i am getting the same behavior, build starts but pops out that message

Hey all, thanks for the reports. I believe one of our developers patched this issue however I don’t think the change has been release yet. I would expect an updated docker image on Monday or Tuesday.

Drone 2.0 is still considered a preview release and we expert there to be some minor issues, especially after a UI overhaul like this. We are making daily update to the latest docker image, so plan on updating your instance regularly until the time we create a 2.0.0 final tag (probably in 1-2 weeks).

I have this issue on 2.4.0 …
Is there any fix about it?

We ran into this same issue on Drone 1.x - turns out we specified the wrong name of the target. Unsurprisingly, using the correct target name works. :slight_smile:

If one tries to manually execute a build with input parameters that cause the trigger section of the yaml to evaluate to false, no build is executed. For example, one uses the target branch develop but the yaml is configured to only execute the pipeline for master (below)

  - master  # will only execute pipelines for master, will ignore develop

When no build is executed, no build number is returned, hence the Cannot read property Number message that is displayed. This error message is obviously unclear which represents an area of improvement for Drone. I would suggest we display a user friendly message or maybe a link to our docs to help people understand why no build was executed (cc @d1wilko)

I have another experience… These pipelines don’t have any trigger based on any branch. Also, as you can see in the image, after ‘Prepare Image’, the ‘Test’ pipeline didn’t start!! without any issue and the whole procedure wait and wait and wait until I pressed on Cancel (You can see the duration in the top right and compare it with the duration of tasks/pipeline). It’s something like an endless situation. After I pressed cancel, I couldn’t restart! We create a fake commit and restart the whole procedure again without any issue.
Every day, I should check the Drone, press on the restart because of this endless situation, and sometimes we have to create a fake commit because we can’t restart it.

apologies if I’m misunderstanding, but is this related to the topic in the thread where you try to manually execute a build and return Cannot read property number? If not, I recommend creating a new thread and providing details (such as error message, logs, etc) as well as your installation details (server version, runner version, and yaml) so that someone can try and help you.

The bad thing is that all of these problems happen together…
I wrote here because I have all of these issues together.

If you think that my problem is totally different, then I agree.
This is the endless issue: Kubernetes runner image building and caching best practises? - #2 by diotsoumas