[Drone 2.0] Cron jobs not being displayed


We have a couple of cron jobs running some tests overnight.

Before the UI update, we could see them in the build list.

After the UI update, we can see neither historical cron builds, nor the new ones that are maybe running.

The cron jobs still show up under Settings → Cron Jobs, and the next scheduled execution time does go up every day.

I’ve added a couple new ones to the list as a test, it looks like the format is different, and you can now no longer specify jobs in the cron format, which is a bummer, but you also can’t say ‘run at 2am every day’, which is a pain.

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The additional run I added for dev-test that triggers @hourly isn’t showing up in the builds list either, so it looks like this isn’t a new vs old schedule thing.

After rolling back I can see the old cron job builds, cron job builds that executed while we were on drone 2.0.1, and the test cron jobs I ran.

I just ran a test and was unable to reproduce. I am able to see builds executed by cron jobs in my build list (screenshot below)

Ah, this looks like it’s confusion from a UI change.

This is what it used to look like

And now it looks like your screenshot, it says ‘x pushed y’. I’d attach my own but discourse won’t let me do two images :upside_down_face:

There’s now no way to tell, at least from the build overview, that it was a cron job instead of a scheduled task. It’s now displaying the event.

Yes, looks like this, same build number, etc, but referencing a push and not the cron job.

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Indeed I noticed the same behavior which is a very confusing UI change. As a viewer I get the impression that the build was run because a commit was pushed when actually it was a scheduled build. This was better in Drone 1 UI.

Edit: I stand corrected as per Brads reply, thanks a lot!

@cmur2 this was fixed a few weeks ago fix issue with cron rendering · drone/drone-ui@9a35313 · GitHub.

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