Drone 2.0 available for testing

:wave: Hello Drone community!

We are excited to announce a pre-release of Drone 2.0 is now available in master and has been published dockerhub (latest tag) and is running at cloud.drone.io. Despite the major version bump this is not a breaking release. We are planning on tagging a final release after a few weeks of testing and tightening up the UI.

Please bear in mind that we are still working on making the new design responsive for mobile, however, we did not want this to delay our preview release. I will be writing a more detailed post over the weekend, but in the meantime, I will leave you with some screenshots below. You can also watch a quick video walk through on the Harness Blog.

EDIT If you came here from Twitter please note that we do not use Twitter as a bug tracker. If you want to report an issue please do so through an appropriate channel (such as discourse.drone.io or Slack)