Drone 2.0 - Alternative Project List Sorting

We have ~250 active projects on Drone.

Some of our legacy Java codebase is active on Drone.
As our Java code is stored under the JAVA organisation and our later Typescript code is stored under the TS organisation.

Thus, alphabetical sorting lists all our oldest projects first.
These are most likely not the projects I’m looking for.

Could we have a toggle to switch between alphabetical sorting and last build time (like <= 1.10 allowed us to)?
And maybe other sorting algorithms if need be?

Maybe have a filter on all failed state?


I’m in the same boat in terms of quantity of repos. I’d love to see this page get some flexibility. The old page had it right in the view sorting by activity like Github does. I don’t find it terribly useful that most of the page is a lexically sorted list that only makes it to C for the first page for me. I’d love the ability to sticky certain repos or to change the sorting order on the list.

The recent activity block should also have more rows and/or show all currently active builds (pretty sure this block is always just limited to 4 items). I also appreciated the current build count in the corner of the old view.


It would really make sense to sort by activity by default and just add an option to sort alphabetically.

Would also love to see a sorted list again. Thanks!

I’d like to see pin feature besides Recent Activity featrue,like github’s profile