Drone 1.0.0-rc5 - deployment builds

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I hope you don’t mind me creating separate threads for these separate issues.

We’re doing our deployments through github deployments.
Github in turn makes a webhook to drone, which deploys the code running as a drone build.

In our test with drone 1.0.0-rc5 the webhook yields in no activitiy. I cannot seem to find anything regarding deployments in the webgui (unlike before in drone 8.x).

Do I need to do something special to handle deployment “builds” ?

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I guess the plan from here: https://github.com/drone/drone/issues/2181 went into motion :slight_smile:
I’m trying to deploy a Pull Request to our test/staging environment.

Drone-cli 1.0.6 offers the following:

drone build promote org/git-repo 69 test

However then my build fails at the cloning stage:

Initialized empty Git repository in /drone/src/.git/

+ git fetch origin +refs/heads/master:

From https://github.com/org/repo

* branch master -> FETCH_HEAD

* [new branch] master -> origin/master

+ git checkout 895b2fbde1c9410ffbfbdce74bdee3f433329695 -b master

fatal: reference is not a tree: 895b2fbde1c9410ffbfbdce74bdee3f433329695

Does anyone know how the promtion intended to be used?.
That checkout command seems a little odd to me.

Is it perhaps the idea that code is to be merged to master, which then can be deployed?
I think the checkout command would fail if one tries to deploy code which is not the last commit.