Drone 0.9.0 status/source?

Hi, thanks for this project, looks very useful. I’m looking at getting a drone system for the first time. I’ve got a working docker-compose using the latest 0.9.0 alpha 2 release on docker hub, and also a .drone.yml file pushing some builds through this.

However, as I’m new to this, I’m a little confused on the difference between the yaml described on https://readme.drone.io/config/pipeline/steps/ vs http://docs.drone.io/pipelines/ - I think that’s the difference between the 0.8.x release and 0.9.x but could someone confirm this please?

Also … there doesn’t seem to be source for the 0.9.0 release on github/drone/drone, is this available somewhere else?

If there’s about to be a large change, then I’d like to be working from the latest release. I’m looking to make some changes so that I can use drone to spawn VMs on our internal system - I’ve done something similar with a gitlab runner previously but we’re moving from gitlab to github now so I’d like to use drone instead.


readme.drone.io is the temporary home of the 0.9 documentation (alpha) and docs.drone.io is the current stable release (0.8). I just needed a temporary place to stash the 0.9 docs. They eventually will point to the same version of documentation once 0.9 is stable.

If you are looking to future-proof your work I would start with 0.9, under the caveat that it is still unstable (and still has some UI bugs) and there may be some minor breaking yaml changes before we cut a final release. Core development is happening in a private branch, and the source will be made available before end of year.

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Thanks Brad, that certainly clarifies things. I need source for what I’m doing, in order to try getting it to launch VMs instead of containers (I have to work with Mac and Windows too) so I guess I’ll have to base on 0.8 for now.

Quick question though … Has the backend/engine code changed much in 0.9?


We made changes to the underlying data structures, but I would not describe these changes as significant. Porting an 0.8 engine to 0.9 would likely require a few hours of refactoring.

Drone 0.9 supports native-windows containers if you are running Windows Server 1803. See https://readme.drone.io/intro/github/multi-machine/#start-the-agent-s

We are also planning to support pipelines based on vmware fusion. The yaml syntax will be slightly different since the primitives (vm vs containers) are different. I am not sure if support for native vms will land in 0.9 or a subsequent release …

Example vmware fusion syntax:

version: 1
kind: pipeline
type: vmwarefusion

  image: osx.img

  os: osx
  arch: amd64

- name: build
  - go build
  - go test

Core development is happening in a private branch, and the source will be made available before end of year.

Sorry to bother, but is there any reason why this is done in a private branch instead of in the public open source repository? It would be cool to follow the developments (the source code) and be able to contribute to the project.

I would also like to see the 0.9 branch be made public. I’d like to update my drone RPMs to this version.

Hi Brad (@bradrydzewski), just wondering whether there was any update?