Drone 0.8 - No Restart Button?

How come this was removed? Or am I just missing something obvious? I did a search here but no topics yet.

I’m guessing if I look for the API it’s still there, but there’s no way on the web interface?

It is in the drawer menu


Oh man… One of those so obvious things I missed it.

I guess I didn’t look there as it seems like a header.


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This has tripped up quite a few of our internal users, FWIW.

The places I went looking for this initially was in the middle column, (or on the build section, the left column), I thought there was a menu option on the individual pipeline steps. If it’s not possible per step then I also thought of a restart-all - and went looking above the list.

@gtaylor - it might help drive usability to get similar feedback from the people it was tripping up. I could be the minority here.

I found that a bit hidden as well. It would be nice for it to be a bit more accessible.

This tripped me up too, I didn’t realise there was a restart button until a colleague pointed it out.

The hamburger menu is otherwise general settings and config stuff. Having the per-build restart button in there makes little sense. Would it be reasonable to open a github Issue to move it out of there?

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Yeah exactly, i was looking for that few minutes until i found it finally, it was on much more intuitive place before to be honest.

Not only that, but I have clicked Restart a few times by accident after opening the side menu.

A PR (https://github.com/drone/drone-ui/pull/188) is waiting to be merged since the end of 2017.
Please comment on the thread to show your interest on having it merged ASAP