Drone 0.8.5 - bitbucket build reporting is broken

This may be a feature request, right now when i trigger a build with a webhook from bitbucket and the build fails, it shows a “build in progress” marker in bitbucket. It looks like there is no reporting back to bitbucket when builds complete.

Is this worth opening a feature request on?

I am not able to reproduce any issues with Bitbucket status, and this code is quite mature, so prior to creating an issue / feature request we need to dig deeper and conclude a bug exists with Drone. Based on your description of the issue, however, it sounds like it could be problem with your DRONE_HOST configuration.

Thanks, I’ll dig in to that.

For the class, I installed drone with helm and DRONE_HOST defaulted to the name of the helm release. Setting DRONE_HOST to the url of the drone server fixed this issue.