Drone 0.8.1 fails to set CI status on GitHub


Getting the below error setting build status. I googled it first and fixed my DRONE_HOST but it doesn’t appear to have done the job.

Same as: Build Status updated on Drone Dashboard but not on GitHub

time="2017-11-17T18:49:47Z" level=error msg="error setting commit status for tropo-operations/hello-drone/12"


    image: ubuntu:latest
    commands: cat hello.txt

Env vars:

            "Env": [
                "DRONE_GITHUB_CLIENT=<<THE CLIENT>>",
                "DRONE_GITHUB_SECRET=<<THE SECRET>>",

I recommend removing DRONE_SERVER_HOST from the configuration. It is an alias for DRONE_HOST and is probably overriding the value. This would result in a malformed target url being sent to GitHub when creating the status, and would explain the error.

-               "DRONE_SERVER_HOST=drone.ccs.tropo.com",

Apparently DRONE_HOST and DRONE_SERVER_HOST are the same thing. Which one is deprecated?

Great, thanks Brad. I’ll remove it from our config.

PS: THANK YOU for Drone.