Drone 0.8.1 build stuck after failing

No idea what happens, the build log also clears before I have a chance to see what’s up

See Builds stuck in running 0.8-rc.3

The only known issue at this time is running an older version of Docker, which had an issue with logs freezing and therefore blocking builds (exactly as you described above). There is a link to the Docker issue in the thread. Upgrading docker solved this issue for many teams.

@bradrydzewski thanks, I think that’s it - also verified with 0.7

I was doing this:

  - docker-compose build
  - docker-compose up -d
  - docker-compose logs | grep "started ok"
  - docker-compose push

so to me it looks like that when the grep exits with 1, then the docker logs gets killed and it starts to block.

Is there any way to unblock the blocked build in case it happens again? restarting doesn’t help (because it’s in the database?)