Drone 0.8.0 - no tag build created using standard-version

Using Drone 0.8.0 and standard-version, I have a release script in package.json running standard-version.

Steps to reproduce:

  • On master branch
  • Run npm run release (runs standard-version, CHANGELOG updated, tag created)
  • git push --follow-tags origin master

Expected outcome:

  • Two builds are created within Drone, one for push to master and one for the tag v*.*.*
  • Drone step set up as event: tag is executed, deploying app to production

Actual outcome:

  • One build is created, the push to master build
  • No tag build is created, app is not deployed to production

Is this fixed with later versions of Drone, as we are currently stuck on 0.8.0?

Note that creating a tag manually works fine and executes the event: tag step:

  • git tag -a mytag -m "chore: add tag"
  • git push origin mytag

However we wish to use the automatic versioning and CHANGELOG generation of standard-version.

Does the --follow-tags option work if you do not have the tags in your local repository? Have you tried running git fetch --tags before running your other commands? As an aside, please be advised that Drone version 0.8 is end of life.