Drone 0.6 fails to set CI status on GitHub

I upgraded to drone 0.6 recently. But I noticed a strange behaviour : when a pipeline finishes, the build status is not updated on GitHub and this error pops in the console :

drone-server_1 | time="2017-04-16T14:48:23Z" level=error msg="error setting commit status for <redacted>/<redacted>/6"

Obviously, github still says "the build is pending"
I’ve redone all the auth stuff after the upgrade, but this keeps popping up, while this was working flawlessly with drone 0.5.

I am running drone with docker-compose, the way it is described in the docs :

version: '2'
    image: drone/drone
      - ""
      - ./drone:/var/lib/drone:z
    restart: always
      - DRONE_SERVER=https://drone.<redacted>
      - DRONE_OPEN=true
      - DRONE_ORGS=<redacted>
      - DRONE_ADMIN=Tuetuopay
      - DRONE_GITHUB=true
      - DRONE_GITHUB_CLIENT=<redacted>
      - DRONE_GITHUB_SECRET=<redacted>
      - DRONE_SECRET=<redacted>

    image: drone/drone
    command: agent
    restart: always
    depends_on: [ drone-server ]
      - /var/run/docker.sock:/var/run/docker.sock:z
      - DRONE_SERVER=ws://drone-server:8000/ws/broker
      - DRONE_SECRET=<redacted>
      - DRONE_MAX_LOGS=128

The host is a CentOS 7 machine, and drone is running behind an nginx proxy for SSL.

Has anyone got an idea ?

drone 0.6 is not officially released yet and we haven’t documented the install process or the new settings. For this reason I would probably advise waiting for the official release, so that we have the appropriate documentation in place given the number or breaking changes.

But with that being said, you need to set the following environment variable in order for Drone to properly set the status DRONE_SERVER_HOST=http://your.drone.hostname.com

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Thanks, that did the trick !

Just out of curiosity, did DRONE_SERVER_HOST replace DRONE_SERVER or is there another reason to that ?

I guess you’re right, but the upgrade was a mistake : the latest tag on the docker images leads to drone 0.6 … Tus, my periodic docker pull of all my images got drone upgraded to 0.6 (and cause a heck of trouble !)

the DRONE_SERVER variable is provided to the agent to connect to the drone server. The DRONE_SERVER_HOST variable is provided to the server so that it knows its own address. Previous versions of the drone server were able to reliably determine its own url when creating the GitHub status. With 0.6 this can no longer be done reliably and therefore needs to be specified with an environment variable.

yea sorry about that. latest is now going to be updated on every push to master. The project will start using semver and creating immutable tags more frequently. Note the latest tag is currently pinned to 0.6-rc.1 which is what I’m running at beta.drone.io. It is pretty stable for a release candidate, so I honestly wouldn’t recommend downgrading at this point. The only reason I haven’t announced the release yet is lack of updated documentation.

If you are going to use 0.6 I would recommend checking out the draft release notes which describe the majority of major / breaking changes http://readme.drone.io/releases/0.6.0-rc.1/

No problem for the latest tag, I am pretty happy for the secret signature removal, as this is for a project with 4 contributors, but I am the only one with access to the drone server :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for the release notes, they are pretty helpful ! I noticed a typo though in the signature part (http://readme.drone.io/releases/0.6.0-rc.1/signing/) :

Please note that this is not full proof

Should read

Please note that this is not fool proof