Drone 0.5 Infinite OAuth Loop

I am trying to setup drone 0.5 on EC2 and running into an infinite OAuth loop on github.

My install is quite minimal

sudo docker run --volume /home/ubuntu/drone.sqlite:/var/lib/drone/drone.sqlite --volume /var/run/docker.sock:/var/run/docker.sock --env-file dronerc --restart=always --publish=8000:8000 --detach=true --name=drone drone/drone:0.5

I have set the OAuth params to use http. But I cannot login without hitting an infinite loop between my server and github.

I also tried the instructions using nginx from http://readme.drone.io/setup/proxy_reverse/ . These do not seem to change anything.

See the answer at http://stackoverflow.com/questions/41095473/how-to-setup-drone-server-to-work-with-github-oauth

Also recommend using 0.5 docs for Nginx example: http://readme.drone.io/0.5/install/setup/nginx/

Sorry, but this answer does not seem to relate to my issue. I have set the redirect values correctly, but the oauth interaction still infinitely loops.

Incorrect redirect URL or missing X-Forward values mentioned in the stack overflow issue are the most common causes of redirect loops.

Alternatively check the server logs. Incorrect authorization settings can also cause redirect loops http://readme.drone.io/0.5/install/authorization/