Drone:0.5 and Gogs/Gitea

Hello @all
currently i experiment with drone in conjunction with gitea and as i can not find the right docs for the ci UI.
I’m think i understand what some points in the repo settings mean but not all.

I think Push, Pull, Tag Hook maps to the appropriate check boxes in the gitea webhook setting.
If this is true it doesn’t work as it makes no difference if i change the settings in drone as the webhook not changes.
So for the other ones:

  • What does the deploy hook?
  • what means trusted in this case (i can not change this setting, the “successfully updated repository settings” apears, but nothing noticeable changed)

Thanks for feedback.

I setup Gogs with Drone on docker containers, works fine so far. However i’m also interested in a Gitea implementation / plugin, especially since it has Oauth support coming up. That’s why i’m bumping this. Thanks

There are currently no volunteers to add gitea integration. I would encourage creating a github issue to track progress and subscribe to updates. If / when someone volunteers they will be assigned in the tracker and will be able to post progress updates.

Will do (and i just did: drone/issues#1978). Thanks a lot. Will help when i’ve some time left.

AFAIK it should work to configure gitea as Gogs. We will launch a demo soon on try.gitea.io but latest when we got the oauth provider there will follow a custom gitea drone provider implementation.