Downloading Specific Versions of OverOps Binary Files

When users needs an OverOps binary file (collector and/or agent), the users are usually sent a download link to download the latest version of OverOps. Within the download link, it will also include the “download servlet” which is a hub for all assets.

For example:
Requesting the latest T4C tarball is doing the following:

The URL logs the request and then redirects the user to the location.
When we release a new version, we refresh all assets automatically.

There may be an instance where we would require a specific version of the OverOps collector/agent since users may not be ready to update to the latest version. For this, one would require an adjustment in the URL to be able to download the specific version that is needed.

To download a specific version, one would require the direct download link from our repository (hosted on AWS) and add the version number at the end of the filename.

For example, to download the tarball file of the OverOps collector v4.61.0 to be used in Linux, one would use the following link:

List of available files:

Windows Agent only zip file

  • msi - Windows collector and Agent

  • sa-win - .net Profiler

Specific Versions are available as well

Alpine Agent

.NET Profiler

.NET Collector for Linux

Collector Tar

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