[Documentation] Potential Documentation Error

I was installing Drone Runner Exec and the documentation here https://docs.drone.io/runner/exec/installation/linux/ says to set these variables in the config file:


However upon running it for the first time I got this error in my log:

required key CLIENT_DRONE_RPC_HOST missing value

When I changed the variable name to match what the error message said (also changed DRONE_RPC_PROTO to CLIENT_DRONE_RPC_PROTO) it worked.

I’d be happy to submit a PR fixing the documentation if someone can point me to the repo for that documentation.

hmm, the documentation is correct. I was able to run the binary directly when setting these parameters:

$ DRONE_RPC_HOST=localhost:8080 DRONE_RPC_SECRET=xxx drone-runner-exec
INFO[0000] starting the server                           addr=":3000"

I then removed one of the variables and I got this error message:

DRONE_RPC_HOST=localhost:8080 drone-runner-exec
drone-runner-exec: error: required key CLIENT_DRONE_RPC_SECRET missing value, try --help

It appears to be an issue with envconfig printing the wrong variable name on error. However, this issue does not seem to prevent things from working properly when the variable is provided as expected.

EDIT: confirmed the library prints the wrong error message