[Documentation] How to Not Run Builds on the Drone Server

Hey there, I couldn’t find a recent documentation repo so I figured I’d put a note here:

It would be good to have a note in the Drone server configuration reference that you can specify drone runner environment variables on the Drone server to configure the runner that is included with the server.

In my particular case it took me a little bit to figure out that you could set DRONE_RUNNER_CAPACITY=0 to disable running builds on the Drone server.

If you find builds are running directly on Drone server it is because you have omitted the following configuration parameter:


Ah, OK, I was actually confused because I thought that meant the opposite of what it did.

I was thinking that that meant to enable the builtin agent, but that makes sense now. Thanks.

That environment variable wasn’t listed in the reference. It would be good to have that in there, then.