Documentation - autoscaler, amazon ec2


On this page , it says

“The autoscaler will use the SSH private key for remote login and access to your instances.”

That presumes the autoscaler has a copy of the SSH private key. Shouldn’t the document explain exactly where the user should place this private key so that the autoscaler will have it? What is the directory path and name??

Another question, which is just out of curiosity, although it could be added in the docs -

what tasks does it accomplish with the ssh key? I was able (I think) to get the autoscaler to work without the private key being installed.

this is poorly worded in the docs … the autoscaler itself does not use the ssh key in any way and does not login to your instance. When the autoscaler creates the instance, it specifies an ssh key so that you can login to the instance and debug as needed.

Makes sense now. Thanks. I had been trying to debug what turned out to be a firewall problem, and was convinced the SSH key was it. :slight_smile: