Docker tag support for drone plugins

Hi there.

I think it will be good to have specific tag support for official drone plugins on docker hub.

For now, looks like it’s just using latest and some architecture based tags like amd64.

I’m using drone for production. so I’m trying to be aware of unnecessary version upgrading to latest.

I get that you guys want to keep every user to use latest version for best experience, but still it will be nice to give options…


I believe tags are published for all plugins, which you can use in your pipeline. For example, you will notice multiple versioned tags (1.11, 1.2, etc) for the slack plugin:

You can use this tag in your yaml:

kind: pipeline
name: default

- name: notify
  image: plugins/slack:1.2
  settings: ...

If there is a specific plugin that does not have version number tags, I would encourage you to find the specific GitHub repository and work with the maintainers to create a tag.

Hey. Thanks for the reply.

Yes. I saw some “old” tags on repo. but I think there’s no tag support for latest images.

For example on Drone docker repo, latest image uploaded 13 days ago, but there’s no static tagged one for that. Last tagged one is 17.12. Which uploaded a month ago.

It will be nice to have image always with static tags. not having latest only.