Docker runner kill container step


I have container killed by docker runner how to debug and whats need to be done to fixed

The runner only kills a container in one of the following circumstances:

  1. the container is a service (or detached step) and the pipeline is completed
  2. the timeout was exceeded
  3. the pipeline was canceled by an end user (in the user interface)

I am not aware of any reasons the runner would kill a container other than what is mentioned above. I do not see anything in the screenshot that is out of the ordinary, so I would need additional information about your pipeline to assist further.

Also note that the host operating system can also kill a container, for the example the linux oom kill process. This might happen if a process exceeded the available memory on the host machine. Version 1.5.2 of the docker runner handles oom kills.

It was memory oom kills, I asked developer control the memory and it solved this issue.
If there was some step memory info or logs or reporting it will be great to understand better things.
like report for build, mem/cpu on live and etc, different endpoint

:+1: thanks for the update. Now that we are tracking oom updates, I will make sure we are displaying the correct error in the user interface as well to help make this more clear.