Docker runner is instantiating and terminating

Hello there,

New for Drone
My setup:
Gitlab Local instance.
Integrated with Drone and Drone docker runner. Pipelines are working good. But the docker instances are getting terminated after the test. Is there anything anything that i need to add to the code to make them running all the time?

My code is similar to below code

kind: pipeline
type: docker
name: default


  • name: ping
    image: redis
    • redis-cli -h cache ping


  • name: cache
    image: redis

Drone pipelines are ephemeral which means all containers are terminated after the pipeline completes.

@bradrydzewski Thanks very much for your reply! To make them persistent do i need to use any other plugin ? or all the plugins works same as docker plugin ?

sorry but there is no option (plugin or otherwise) to prevent pipeline containers from being terminated.

Thank you! Was trying different options from two days. Appreciate your help :slight_smile: