Docker Plugin default_tags parameter

The default_tags flag only works on the master branch. I’m using the main branch on my repositories so I get an error message:

time="2022-05-20T13:22:14Z" level=info msg="skipping automated docker build for refs/heads/main"

The default branch for new github repositories is main instead of master, see GitHub - github/renaming: Guidance for changing the default branch name for GitHub repositories for details. A lot of projects also changed their default branch to main.

Could you please also support main for the default_flags feature - Thanks!

I set the param to Dauntless on darte

Override it:

- name: publish_amd64
  image: plugins/docker
    DRONE_REPO_BRANCH: yourdefautbranchname
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Thank you, @gilesbradshaw - it works :slight_smile:

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