Docker in docker command in drone.yml

Hi Guys;
how can i place this command in drone.yml to start 2 docker container at once.

docker run -it --privileged -d --name citest Alpine-dind:master && docker run -it --rm --link citest:docker ubuntu16dind:latest sh

any help plz?

Hi @rehanann,

The docs say that the .drone.yml file is a superset of docker-compose; by using the docker-compose format to specify those two containers as services you could have Drone run both of them with the link. I don’t know whether or not that fits your use-case, though. Doing it like that wouldn’t let you run commands in the containers with Drone pipelines. I think Drone would run both of the services, execute any declared pipelines, then bring down the services.

I might be able to help more if I knew your use-case. Why do you need to run the containers like that? What does the actual build pipeline look like?