[Docker Hub Rate Limit] How to pull drone plugins from a repository mirror

Hi again,

I recently ran into the docker hub rate limit and currently working my way through How to prevent DockerHub pull rate limit errors.

I think there are some aspects I didn’t fully understand:

  • How to configure the drone runner to pull the plugins like plugins/docker from a repository mirror?
  • Is there a way to set a repository mirror for the drone runner globally? (To avoid rewriting the Dockerfiles itself)

Btw I’m running drone in such an environment:

  • Running Drone Server an Runner as Docker stack
  • on plain Docker in Swarm mode with multiple nodes
  • HAProxy / KeepaliveD load balancer
  • Traefik Ingress Router with tls/ssl termination
  • Running Nexus as DockerHub repository mirror (no auth required for pull)

Thanks for all your help!