Dns problem with version 1.0 rc3 and docker


in my test installation of version 1.0 rc3 cloning etc. does not work because the gogs host address (or any other public hostname) cannot be resolved. The problem looks very similar to the one described in this topic:

But the advised test to rule out docker configuration issues with a new network does work, e.g.

docker network create foo
docker run --network=foo -t -i alpine ping -c 1 github.com


For testing I disabled the default clone step and added a custom version in the .drone.yml. Replacing /etc/resolv.conf with one targeting the dns server in the local net has no effect, but adding the hostname to /etc/hosts works and makes git clone succeed.

Is it possible to replace the docker network created by the drone server with an existing one like foo from the example before? Or any other hints how to resolve this issue? With my old drone-0.4 installation address resolution works without any problems…