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A product suggestion / request… I would hope it’s very easy to implement :slight_smile:

On the “Activity Feed”, I’d love an option to have it auto-refresh every

The use case is that I regularly have the Activity Feed on a spare monitor, so I can see at a glance how things are going.

It takes, I admit, seconds to click “refresh”, but it would actually be really useful if that could auto-update…

That way, I could have it constantly running on a wall-mounted screen “Mission Control Style.”

The activity feed has a live stream that automatically updates the content of the page (see screenshot of livestream using chrome devtools). If you are seeing issues with live updates you may want to check your network configuration to make sure it is not killing the SSE stream.


One smack of my local settings, and that’s working! Wow.

OK - follow up :slight_smile:

Is there an easy way to have a “pseudo event” force an update every <user-defined interval, default = 1 hour> ?

The reason being, if I look first thing in the morning, I see that something happened with a description like “3 minutes ago”, but that’s “3 minutes ago” effective the last event-driven update… so might actually have been 7 hours ago… and I don’t know whether it’s genuinely that nothing has happened, or that the updating has failed.

3 minutes ago

I am not aware of any correlation between the time ago string and the live event stream. The time ago rendering is handled by a client-side javascript library called vue-moment which is responsible for refreshing the content on the screen and runs on a client-side timer.

Is there an easy way to have a “pseudo event” force an update every <user-defined interval, default = 1 hour> ?

I think it is premature to propose a fix without identifying the underlying problem. Unfortunately I have not experienced this particular issue. If this is something you are able to consistently reproduce, we would kindly ask that you analyze the source code and help identify the issue.