Disable registration form after login


I have setup a Drone instance on my server, I use it with Gitea, and it’s working great!

However, when I login with the Gitea authentication, every time I get redirected to a Drone registration page asking personal information (URL is like https://drone.mydomain.com/register, title is “Complete your Drone Registration.”). Every time I have to change the URL in my browser to go to the Drone home page.

Is it possible to disable this behaviour and not show this registration page every time I login?

Thank you for any help

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No, you will need to complete registration otherwise you will be prompted every time you login.

Thank you for the information @brad

What does this registration form do exactly? Does it send data outside the self hosted instance? Or is the data used locally?

I’ve made some servers for a team that’s not super comfortable with git or the command line but needs lots of storage to get their research going. To reduce friction for them as much as possible I have OAuth setup from Drone to Gitea, and then OAuth from Gitea to GitHub (restricted to only the organizations I own, of course).

With Gitea, I was able to set ENABLE_AUTO_REGISTRATION

# /srv/gitea/custom/conf/app.ini


so that users don’t get prompted to fill in their name or email – it’s pulled on a best-effort basis from GitHub. But I don’t see a similar option in Reference | Drone. The closest is DRONE_USER_CREATE?

The registration form has given a bad first impression to any of my users who have stumbled across it. And it’s not actually enforced! If one simply types /path/to/repository or /account they can use all of Drone’s features, effectively being auto-registered already.

Is there a hidden option that lets us just disable that form completely?

Brad stated in his previous anwser that disabling this registration form is not possible.

As to what this form does and where the data is sent, I don’t know (but I’d like to know though).

I would also like to be able to disable this registration page!

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For me, registering does not fix the issue. Whenever I log in, I have to enter my name, email, and company name regardless of whether I’ve already entered it.

Makes it pretty slow to get into Drone.