DinD NETWORK_RUNNER_NETWORKS config not applying

Hello everyone.

I have an issue with the drone-runner-docker helm chart provided by drone here: charts/charts/drone-runner-docker at master · drone/charts · GitHub

My setup:

  1. EKS (aws k8s) with
  2. both drone and drone-runner installed with the official helm charts provided above.
  3. With the drone-runner helm chart, a sidecar is created for the dind container which is where builds run.

The symptom is:

  1. All build containers cannot access external urls from the dind sidecar. Both the dind sidecar and main drone-runner image can access external urls.

The fix:

  1. To fix this, i can manually run containers and add --network host to my docker command.

The issue:

  1. I noticed in the documentation, i can add DOCKER_RUNNER_NETWORKS=host to the deployment and that should attach the host network to the pipeline.This however does not work for me.


  1. I have confirmed the variable gets passed into the drone-runner container.
  2. It was not present in the dind sidecar, which seems correct after viewing the chart source.

Any tips of debugging the DOCKER_RUNNER_NETWORKS value?Thanks in advance!

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I’m seeing the same issue. Did you figure out the solution? How do you pass --network option from .drone.yaml?