Digital ocean Unable to authenticate you

Hello All,

I have setup a digital ocean runner on a droplet, using the documentation.
I tried running a very simple digital ocean pipeline and it failes with “Unable to authenticate you” error.


I tried searching for details but couldnt find any. any help would be much appreciated


this error likely means there was a problem with the digitalocean token configuration:

you can provide the token as a string literal:

kind: pipeline
type: digitalocean
name: default

+token: f0e4c2f76c58916ec258f246851bea091d14d4247a2fc3e18694461b1816e13b

or you can source the token from a secret:

kind: pipeline
type: digitalocean
name: default

+  from_secret: token

@ashwilliams1 thanks for the info and sorry for such a silly question i completely missed that part from documentation.