Deploying to Docker Swarm (everything on a single host)

I am wondering if my problem can at all be resolved.

I am running Docker for Windows on Hyper-v under a single VM and I am wondering if it is possible for a Drone Runner to connect back up to the host machine’s Docker socket in order to publish a stack to a local private repository & deploy to a local swarm instance.

I’ve attached an image of what I am trying to achieve here. It may seem strange there’s no other remote server involved - the idea here is for demonstration purposes where there is no need for remote servers (it’s a lot of effort but it means I can do this entirely from a single VM or multiple hosted VMs for home usage for example). I understand it may not be possible.

I could spin up an SSH server on the host but is that the right approach here?


I appreciate this may not be Drone’s concern but I am taking this approach as if there’s only one Docker Swarm manager at work on one server with possibly N VMs / servers at a later date.

Thank you in advance

Nevermind, I found the answer to my own problem.

Rather than attempting to mount the daemon socket through to the individual runner containers I simply exported DOCKER_HOST and used host.docker.internal:2375 (2376 if TSL) in order to communicate with it at the host level.