Deploying to AWS EKS via Harness

It seems Harness does not support EKS. Am I right?

@Yaroslav_Kiryak welcome to the forum and thanks for the question.

Harness absolutely supports EKS. I run our training classes on EKS.

I use EKS CTL [] to manage my EKS clusters.

Are you having any particular trouble?



I’ve created EKS cluster already, now I need to get an image from ECR and deployit to EKS cluster via Harness.
Maybe you can provide any guide?

You’ll need to wire ECR as an Artifact Source which shouldn’t be too bad:

We have a pretty detailed Kubernetes Deployment guide here:

In my Helm Blog, I wire up an EKS Cluster for Helm Deploys. Can follow the steps if you like on the blog:



Updated the Blog and Video: