Deploy/Trigger DroneCI without any CVS?

As per the docs, Drone integrates with CVS like GitHub, GitLab, or Gitea, and triggered with git push.

So is there any solution to deploy Drone without any CVS, and trigger pipelines with API, i.e. send the .drone.yaml in API request to start a pipeline build.

Our scenarios: using Drone as pipeline executor in Kubernetes deployment to execute smoking tests and integration tests. So CVS is not a must-have, and we also want to minimize the deployment.

:wave: Hi there, Drone tightly integrates with the source code management system (GitHub, Bitbucket, etc) and uses its API for authentication, authorization, permissions, repository lists, webhooks etc. Having a full-featured API is a requirement for integration with Drone. We understood the tradeoffs when we made this design decision ~7 years ago, and looking back I still think this was the right decision. Reversing this decision would require us to re-design and re-write large portions of our codebase. So while I appreciate the feedback, we would politely decline this particular feature request.

If you require a light weigh git server you should try Gitea.