Deploy on vm instance

Hello, i have configured a pipeline but I have stalled on the deploy, it is currently cloning the repository, doing the build, building the image and pushing it to google container registry.

im trying to add a deploy step, but i only see kubernetes deploy examples, how can i add the deploy step to my google compute engine virtual machine instance? can i use the same step to deploy to another cloud provider like digitalocean droplet? how you do this?

this is my actually .drone.yml setup:

kind: pipeline
name: my-app

- name: test
  image: node:11-alpine
  - npm install
  - npm test

- name: publish  
  image: plugins/gcr
    repo: project-id/project-name
    dockerfile: docker/node/Dockerfile
    tags: latest
      from_secret: google_credentials

when people ask me how to do something in Drone, my first question is usually “how would you do this on your laptop from the command line”? Take those commands and paste them in to your Drone yaml.

For example, maybe you would deploy to a VM using ssh:

- name: deploy
  - ssh docker stop ...
  - ssh docker pull ...
  - ssh docker run ...

In some cases, you can find plugins where people have encapsulated common operations and published them as re-usable components. For example, there is an existing ssh plugin that you can use to simplify ssh-based operations.

- name: deploy
  image: appleboy/drone-ssh
    username: root
    password: 1234
    port: 22
      - docker stop ...
      - docker pull ...
      - docker run ...

You can find plugins at