Deploy drone in air gap

Hello everyone,

I want to deploy drone on a platform that is not connected to internet.
I am using the helm template which is great and easy to use, but I am facing one problem:
I cannot configure the controller image to be pulled from a private registry.

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the controller image is deprecated. Unfortunately the helm chart does not seem to be maintained and therefore uses deprecated features. You might try this chart instead which is fork from one of our community members, and uses the kubernetes runner.


I am in same case of @michaeldebouver.
@bradrydzewski you said helm chart is not maintained, so what is your Kubernetes deployment solution ? Template yaml ?
I do not want to deploy a dedicated host with docker only for drone server …


I am still facing the same kind of problem with the latest version.
While launching a pipeline, the followings images are pulled:

  • drone/placeholder:1
  • drone/git:latest
    This images come from public repository and I cannot configure drone to pull images from a private registry.

Thank you for your support

you need to upload a copy of each image to your internal registry and then provide the runner with the image paths:

this will ensure Drone downloads these images from your internal registry as opposed to the public docker registry.

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