Delete a repo and never see it again

Is there a way to delete a repo? I’ve disabled it but it still hangs around in the repos list, offending my eyes. I tried curl -XDELETE https://blahblahblah and got a 200 back but it’s still there. Is this zombie disabled repo doomed to be on my screen forever? drone 1.7.0

edit: 1.7.0

Oh I see now, Google found an old version of the docs from 0.8.0 and the delete API has been removed.

So is that it? I’m stuck seeing this disabled repo with a huge “activate” button on it?

Drone automatically syncs with your GitHub account, which means if you see it in GitHub you would see it in Drone. If you delete from GitHub or if your access is revoked, and then you sync your account, you would no longer see it.