Delegate set up for a community on-prem edition

How to configure a delegate to register with an on-prem community edition of Harness ?

Harness provides a community edition for trying out the on-prem set up which can be referenced here:

However we may face configuration issues while setting up delegate as the delegate needs to talk to Harness manager and the end point configuration is required.

Below is the default harness delegate installation command we get for this edition:

helm upgrade -i helm-delegate --namespace harness-delegate-ng --create-namespace \
  harness-delegate/harness-delegate-ng \
  --set delegateName=helm-delegate \
  --set accountId=<accountID> \
  --set delegateToken=<delegateToken> \
  --set managerEndpoint=http://proxy \
  --set delegateDockerImage=harness/delegate:<latestavailabletag> \
  --set replicas=1 --set upgrader.enabled=false

If we notice the value for managerEndpoint it is http://proxy. It is given like this so that we can utilise the proxy service that is deployed as part of the manager install. However kuberenetes will not understand the service reference like this as both delegate and manager are in separate namespace. So we need to use the below value for the manager end point url:


We can fill in the value for manager namespace in the above end point and start our delegate.