Delegate pods are in crashloopbackoff state for the CD community edition

Hello Team,

I am trying to have the Harness community edition and and have successfully launched the UI and when installed the delegates, the delegates are in the crashloopbackooff state.
Please assist.

attached is the logs for the delegate.


Hi @ravirajput, can you check if enough resources are available for the delegate pod? Please check if you meet the “requirement” section in this doc: Harness Community Edition Deployment Tutorial - Docs. Feel free to join SLACK for quick help

@ravirajput, few docs for your reference:

  1. Delegate Registration and Verification - Docs
  2. Install a Legacy Kubernetes Delegate - Docs

Hi @Shruthikini thanks for the response, i have utilised the quickstart guide for the configuration, for the low memory and cpu, the delegates are schduled onto a c4.large Ec2 instance and this is an EKS cluster.
Looking at the log seems like there is something getting broken , i have pasted the screenshot previously
Can you please get the docker image checked , meanwhile i will also be looking into the links you have shared.


Hi @ravirajput

ok, got it!

Are you running it on Mac? see if this link helps: 1. host.docker.internal does not resolve properly · Issue #2965 · docker/for-mac · GitHub 2. How to connect to the Docker host from inside a Docker container? | by Tim van Baarsen | Medium

If the issue persists even after following the links, slack us for quick response.

Hi @Shruthikini

installed Harness components in a kubernetes(EKS) cluster, accessing the cluster using a aws machine which can do task on the cluster.


Hi @ravirajput, can you check this link and see if the issues falls into any of these categories. This link might help you too.