Delegate fails to connect to Harness using GRPC

A delegate can fail to connect to Harness using GRPC. T/his will usually show up in the delegate log as a ping/pong error message (see below):

A GRPC Curl command is available, and it could be used to test GRPC connection to the Harness manager. This document explains how to install, and test a connection


On Linux machines, you can download the GRPCurl utility using these commands:

curl -LO tar -zxvf grpcurl_1.8.0_linux_x86_64.tar.gz chmod +x ./grpcurl

On Mac machines, it is recommended that you install using homebrew:

brew install grpcurl

Testing GRPC

The following command could be used to test GRPC communicate to the Harness manager:

grpcurl -authority list

A successful GRPC connection will result in an output similar to this:

If GRPC connection fails, it will show an error similar to this:

Failed to dial target host "": context deadline exceeded