Defining multiple labels render the runner unreachable

I defined a runner with DRONE_RUNNER_LABELS=foo:bar,baz:qux which doesn’t receive the jobs when the .drone.yml is using:

  foo: bar

A soon as I reduce the runner’s labels string as one label as follow the jobs successfully reach the runner: DRONE_RUNNER_LABELS=foo:bar.

Does the .drone.yml routing must match the exact runner labels definition or?..

yes, the runner must match all labels to be properly routed

A pipeline is not routed to a runner unless it matches all runner labels. If the pipeline only defines and matches a subset of runner labels it will not be routed to the runner.

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How can this be achieved for a kubernetes runner? I have my drone server running in a separate cluster and want to selectively run certain pipelines (like for CD) in a separate cluster. I could not find the DRONE_RUNNER_LABELS variable for the kubernetes runner -